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Updated May 11th, 2019

   This page contains content most students would find to be extremely helpful when learning mathematics in my class.

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   Welcome 0-hour Integrated III students!

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   Use these helpful materials to allow yourself to soar through the mathematics content.

1st Semester

KC1: Polynomials

  Polynomials, Factors, and Zeros
  End Behavior
  Domain and Range
  Synthetic Division
  Maxima and Minima via The Flight of a Projectile
  The Volume of an Open Box

KC2: Rational Expressions

  Factoring (Prerequisite Skill)
  Reducing (Simplifying) Rational Expressions
  Multiplying Rational Expressions
  Dividing Rational Expressions
  Graphing Rational Expressions and Finding Asympotes
  Graphing Rational Expressions by Transformations
  Solving Linear Equations (Prerequisite Skill)
  Solving Quadratic Equations (Prerequisite Skill)
  Solving Complicated Proportions
  Solving Complicated Proportions 2

KC3: Radical Expressions

  Power Rules for Exponents
  Simplifying Exponents
  Radical Functions: Translations, Domain, & Range
  Domain and Range for the Square Root Function
  Solving Radical Functions

KC4: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

  Exponential Functions
  Transforming Exponential Functions
  Properties of Logarithms
  Solving Exponential Equations
  Graphing Logarithmic Functions
  Solving Logarithmic Equations
  Calculating Value Over Time (Growth/Decay Problems)
  Bacterial Growth Problems

2nd Semester

KC5: Trigonometry

  Trigonometry Basics: SOH CAH TOA
  Right Triangle Trigonometry
  Trigonometric Angles: Reference Angles, Radians, Unit Circle
  Graphing Sinusoids
  Equations of Musical Notes

KC6: Statistics

  Frequency Tables
  Standard Deviation
  Bell Curve: 68-95-99 Rule
  Confidence Interval and Margin of Error with TI-Nspire
  Margin of Error and Confidence Intervals
  Margin of Error & Confidence Intervals by Formula
  Mean, Standard Deviation, and Margin of Error

KC7: Geometric Proofs

  Properties of Quadrilaterals
  Properties of Parallelograms
  Properties of Rectangles
  Coordinate Geometry
  Parallel versus Perpendicular
  Classifying Triangles Using Slope and Distance
  Classifying Parallelograms

KC8: Geometric Modeling

  Area of Common Figures
  Surface Area of Common Solids
  Volume of Common Solids
  Similar Figures: Ratios of Lengths and Areas
  Similar Solids: Ratios of Lengths and Volumes
  Diagonal Length of a Cube

   Welcome Pre-Calculus students!

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   I know I can depend on your perserverance; so, here are several MATHguide resources to help you.

1st Semester

KC1: Parent Functions

 Assignment Guide: KC1 Assignment Schedule

  Parent Functions
  Domain and Range
  End Behavior
  Even and Odd Functions
  Functions (Evaluation, Operations, Compositions)
  Radical Functions: Translations, Domain, & Range

KC2: Polynomials

 Assignment Guide: KC2 Assignment Schedule

  End Behavior of Polynomials
  Graphing Basic Rational Expressions
  Graphing Basic Rational Expressions as Transformations
  Graphing Intermediate Rational Expressions
  Graphing Advanced Rational Expressions

KC3: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

 Assignment Guide: KC3 Assignment Schedule

  Exponential Functions
  Translating Exponential Functions
  Logarithmic Functions
  Properties of Logarithms
  Calculating Value Over Time
  Calculating Value Over Time 2
  Solving Logarithmic Equations

KC4: Conic Sections

 Assignment Guide: KC4 Assignment Schedule

  Conic Sections (all)
  Conic Sections: Equations of Circles
  Parabolas: Directrix, Focus, Vertex
  Parabolas: Graphing
  Parabolas: Building Equations
  Graphing Ellipses
  Equations of Ellipses Given Foci and Vertices
  Graphing Ellipses
  Graphing Hyperbolas
  Graphing Hyperbolas
  Identify the Conic Section
  Conic Sections: General Form to Standard Form
  General Form to Standard Form [with help]
  General Form to Standard Form

2nd Semester

KC5: Trigonometry

 Assignment Guide: KC5 Assignment Schedule

  Trigonometry Basics: SOH CAH TOA
  Right Triangle Trigonometry
  Trigonometric Angles: Reference Angles, Radians, Unit Circle
  Graphing Sinusoids

KC6: Analytic Trigonometry

 Assignment Guide: KC6 Assignment Schedule (Adjusted due to Weather)

  Trigonometric Expressions
  Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions
  Verifying Trigonometric Identities
  Trigonometric Expressions: Steps
  Trigonometric Expressions: Multiple Choice
  Sum & Difference Angle Formula (Sine, Cosine)
  Sum & Difference Angle Formula (Tangent)
  Double Angle Formulas for Sine, Cosine, & Tangent
  The Law of Sines
  The Law of Cosines

KC7: Discrete Math

 Assignment Guide: KC7 Assignment Schedule

  Basic Counting
  Complex Counting
  Placement Counting
  Binomial Theorem
  Arithmetic Sequences and Series
  Geometric Sequences and Series
  Sigma Notation
  Matrices: Basics, Add/Subtract/Multiply
  Matrix Inverses
  Matrix Equations

KC8: Matrices and Vectors

 Assignment Guide: KC8 Assignment Schedule

  Matrices: Add, Subtract, Multiply
  Inverse Matrices
  Solving Systems of Equations by RREF
  Partial Fraction Decomposition
  Vectors: Notation, Add/Subtract, Magnitude, Direction
  Engineering Notation
  Unit Vectors
  Dot Product
  Angle Between Two Vectors

KC9: Limits

 Assignment Guide: KC9 Assignment Schedule

  Limits of the Extreme
  Limits of Ratios of Polynomials
  Limits of Piecewise Functions
  Limits of Piecewise Functions
  Limits: Piecewise Functions
  Limits: Numerical Approach

KC10: Parametric and Polar Equations

 Assignment Guide: KC10 Assignment Schedule

  Parametric Equations
  Polar Coordinates
  Rectangular Equations to Polar Equations
  Polar Equations to Rectangular Equations

Summer Requirements for Calculus (School Year 2019-2020)

  • Remind: AB—text @mecalcab20 to 81010

      Calculus AB - Activity Day & Summer Work
      Calculus AB - Khan Academy

  • Remind: BC—text @mecalcbc20 to 81010

      Calculus BC - Boot Camp
      Calculus BC - Summer Work