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     Here are lists of all the pros and cons of the site.

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Movado's Frontpage
Movado's Front Page

Rolex's Frontpage
Rolex's Front Page


  • Exciting introductory Flash presentation. It's a visual, audio, and text show!
  • Navigation buttons are dynamic.
  • Graphics are nicely done, which will help sell watches.
  • The site allows users to browse through their entire line of watches.


  • High bandwidth! The site may cause frustration for those users who operate from slow connections.
  • The section History of Design requires a plug-in.
  • Navigation buttons are pretty, but not marked. They exist as small circles at the top of the site. They spring to life as a mouse-over feature, making it hard to identify them as navigational tools.
  • No search button.

     Clearly, Movado breaks many design standards. However, Movado watches are not inexpensive. They are marketed to a certain population, which may allow for the break from standards.

     Those people who are likely to buy Movado watches are those people who are from a certain socio-economic status. It would almost certainly guarantee that these users are familiar with technology and have fast connections to the Internet. This site demonstrates that the rules exist as a baseline, not necessarily a requirement for all cases. Yet, it would be interesting to know if Movado has done Usability Testing to determine if it is effective.

     For the sake of competition, Rolex's website has also been included. It has been left to the reader to investigate Rolex's website to determine its pros and cons. The Rolex site does break some of the same rules, but not all of them.


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