Clash of Clans Gem Strategy
Search | Updated July 12th, 2017

    Games are usually about having fun, socializing with others, and learning something new. You can learn things like strategy, vocabulary, and interesting facts about your friends. Clash of Clans offers a great deal of opportunity to learn strategy, if you like. Or, you could randomly modify your buildings/troops, attack other clans, and place your buildings in no particular order, but doing so would result in a lot of failure. Failure translates to no-fun in the gaming world.

Gems     This suggests the more strategy you employ, the more fun you will have.

    There is another force that drives this game and it is the money you spend. No, itís not about the gold in the game. It is the actual money a player will spend to tilt the odds in their favor. Clash of Clans offers that opportunity to serious gamers via the purchase of gems.

    Players start out with a few hundred gems and they are used to upgrade buildings or purchase what normally is not able to be purchased with mined gold and pumped elixir.

    Like all gamers, including those serious gamers who play in Las Vegas, this urge to win and thrive at winning can lead to abuse. Someone could potentially spend too much money to purchase gems. Care has to be taken not to become addicted and lose sight of the nature of gaming ... for pleasure.

    In Las Vegas, players have a chance to win real money, which is not the case in Clash of Clans. Placing that fact in perspective, players should reflect accordingly with the purchase of gems.

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