Clash of Clans Layout Strategy
Search | Updated July 12th, 2015

    As has been discussed within the Defenses section, the placement of structures can make the difference from being a victim or a victor. We need to examine the layout presented within the picture below to find an example of positive and negative building placement.


What’s Done Right?
    The layout above demonstrates how a player successfully defends his/her town hall. The town hall is surrounded by Active Defensive Weapons. Towers and cannons are close enough together to assist each other.

    If the walls around the cannon (seen to the right of the layout) get breached by enemy troops and the cannon gets attacked, several other defensive weapons will be firing on those troops. Mortars, cannons, and towers will be providing support. This demonstrates genius level placement to protect active defense weapons and the town hall. It is very hard to destroy this player’s town hall.

What’s Done Wrong?
    Look at the placement of gold mines (top of the layout), elixir collectors (bottom and left side of the layout), and gold storage (top of the layout). They have been placed outside the Walls and are therefore unprotected by the walls. Even though they are in close proximity to active defensive weapons, it would be better to have them inside the walls and also be protected by defensive weapons. This player’s resources can easily be raided by an enemy clan.

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