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    In this section of MATHguide, you will learn about similarity. Here are the topics within this page:

    The topic of proportions has many facets. Proportions involve many categories, which include:

  • Ratios
  • How Proportions are Formed
  • How to Solve Proportions

    To gain access to this information, see our section, called Proportions.

      esson: Proportions

    Similar figures is a multi-layered topic. It as categories that include:
  • Similarity in Pictures
  • Geometric Similarity
  • Proving Triangles are Similar

    Visit our section on Similar Figures that explains all about these categories.

      esson: Similar Figures

    Dilations have several characteristics. They include:
  • Center of Dilation
  • Scale Factor
  • How to Label the Figure and its Image

    Visit our section on Dilations for information related to those characteristics.

      esson: Dilations