Set Up and Solve
[Remake of Usher's "You Got it Bad"]
by Tiffany Cole [Added February 15th, 2002]

I'm feeling Geometry
Cause it's really cool,
And I have a problem
I'd like to solve with you.

Said we've got some given
Information yo,
We've gotta prove triangle ADC congruent to ADO

Read the given all the way through
Tells us that AD is an altitude
I'm not done with this lecture
AD is also an angle bisector

They say,

You got to; you got to prove yo,
Triangle ADC
Congruent to ADO

To prove this we've gotta do
One of them long six steps proofs
Yes it's true.

We start with triangle ADC and ADO right angles it's true
What's our reason for this?
It's altitude.

Then you can say that I'm a good student
I'm just playing we say those angles are congruent
Let's move on,

AD is congruent to AD
It's shown obviously
The reason of this is reflexive property.

So let's move on to the next
Let's go
We've got this proof on a roll

Angle CAD is congruent to OAD
It's not a strangle
We use definition of bisecting an angle

Everyone with this problem we're almost done
All we have left for statements and reasons is one.

Say we're almost done it's true
This proof that we are working on is close to being through

We've just gotta finish our last step
Well let's so it before I forget.

Triangle ADC
Is congruent to BAD
Why is that you say
We use reason ASA

We're done now

It wasn't hard; it wasn't hard
To get our conclusion
Take your time, demolish confusion

Sometimes, sometimes I ask
Does it even matter?
Answers yes, need this info
For the next chapter

You know they're easy if you just take your time
Do it step by step
It'll turn out fine

If you learned nothing about proofs that's fine
As long as you enjoyed this little rhyme.

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