by Karadimos, MD

I woke up this morning not feeling like I should.
The doctor told me it's not good.

Something has happened to me.
I came down with CPCTC.

Doc said, "When your triangles became identical,
your corresponding parts measured equal."

I said, "When corresponding parts were the same,
congruent triangles were to blame."

The bad news is,
    CPCTC is very contagious.
The good news is,
    you can use it to be courageous.

Solving proofs can be tough.
SSS, SAS, ASA, AAS isn't always enough.

CPCTC is the next device.
You'll hear Karadimos, MD give that advice.

The test for CPCTC,
is to examine the geometry.

Congruent triangles is the start.
CPCTC is the very next part.

To find the cure for the CPCTC blues,
wait for congruent triangles to hit the news.

Doctors have no pills,
for my CPCTC ills.

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