Math Baseball
A Math Review Game Based on America's Favorite Pastime: Baseball

All students will be divided into teams of 3 - 4 students/team. Students will be called players. The rules below will handle specific situations:

  1. Question Round
    1. The referee (teacher) will ask a problem at a random level of difficulty.
    2. All teams can buzz in by having a player raise a hand while calling out his/her team number.
      1. In the event that a player answers correctly, use Table 1 to determine the movement on the field. The question round ends and a new question round begins after scoring is checked.
      2. Use Table 2 to determine the outcome of the event if the player answers incorrectly. The player’s team may no longer buzz in this round.
      Table 1: Correct Solution
      Result of
      Die Roll
      Event Name
      1, 2:
      Ground Ball
      Man on First
      3, 4:
      Ball to Infield
      Man on Second
      Ball to Outfield
      Man on Third
      Man Comes Home
      Table 2: Incorrect Solution
      Result of
      Die Roll
      Event Name
      1, 2, 3:
      Single Play
      One Out
      4, 5:
      Double Play
      Two Outs
      Triple Play
      Three Outs
    3. Teams will buzz in by having any student raise a hand and say their team number. Once a team is identified, the referee will choose any player from that team to explain the answer.
    4. If the answer is incorrect, Table 2 will determine movement on the playing field.
    5. The round ends when all teams are exhausted and/or pass.

  2. Handling the Field & Scoring
    1. A man on base will move to successive bases only if forced. Example: a man on third stays on third if a team hits either a single or a double.
    2. For every man on base forced home, that team scores a point. Example: if a team has a man on second and hits a triple, that team will score a point and be left with a man on third.
    3. When a team receives any number of outs, no man on base will move.
    4. If a team scores 3 or more outs, all men on base will be removed from that team's field.

  3. Penalties
    Rule Number
    Unnecessary Behavior
    A player who talks loudly or displays behavior that is in some way inappropriate (even lack of participation) is in violation of unnecessary behavior.
    The player's team loses a man on base or a point.
    Improper Collaboration
    Two or more players who speak to players outside their team are in violation of improper collaboration.
    The player's team loses a man on base or a point.
    Flagrant Behavior
    A player who commits any one of the following is in violation of flagrant behavior: continuous talking, repeated collaboration outside of team, or disruptive behavior.
    The player's team loses all men on base and a point from the score. The player is removed for 5 min. minimum from the game.

  4. End of Game
         Referee will determine end of game.

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