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    Here are the sections within this lesson page:

    When we encounter real-world problems, they are rarely presented to us as a math problem that contains symbols and numbers. Some problems could be:

  • How long will it take to run three miles if I run at 3 miles per hour?
  • Is the volume of that cone bigger than, equal to, or less than a cylinder with the same radius and height?
  • If I mix two chemicals, what will be the resulting concentration?
  • How can I get a snack mix that is $5/pound by using $2/pound crackers and $8/pound cashews?

    To solve these problems, we need to learn how to identify key phrases that point to mathematical properties. We need to organize the information via pictures, tables, and lists. Practicing these techniques under a variety of circumstances will make us better at solving real-world situations.

    Use the following sections to learn concepts, strategies, and techniques to solve various word problems.

    Chemistry is useful for a myriad of uses, which includes water purification, insecticides, manufacturing materials, fuels, fabrics, and more. This section will help you understand how to mix chemicals.

    esson: Chemistry Problems

    Objects are moving around us all the time. We require knowledge on distances, rates, and time for travel, machinery, law enforcement, and more. This section will help you understand the nuances of distance, rate and time problems.

    esson: Distance, Rate, and Time Problems
    esson: Average Velocity

    Similar to chemistry problems, we mix a variety of things that have different characteristics, like weight, volume, and price. These quizmasters will test your ability to apply knowledge of chemistry to mixture problems.

    esson: Mixture Problems

    In order to manage employees and determine the time it takes to accomplish tasks, work problems are studied and understood. This section will inform you how to solve problems related to work.

    esson: Work Problems

    These lessons also involve word problems.

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